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Martes - Estofado de CarneTuesday Lunch Special

Estofado de Carne

Beef Stew in a tomato paste sauce, carrots, and Peruvian spices. Served with potatoes and steam white rice. Accompany with soup of the day.

One of the best Peruvian Food experience in the Orange County area!  Great service nice detail to attention.  Great ingredients equal a delicious culinary experience like no other.  I actually felt at home (Perú).

Rickie R. yelp_5_star_review

I always go grab a bite to eat here when I visit the OC and it never disappoints. What I love most about this place is that they always serve juicy tender meat with no chewy fatty pieces which is a huge plus for me. The picture speaks for itself. I literally ate every bite!

Mary S.yelp_5_star_review

Amazing service.. Very welcoming and accommodating. The main server is a sweetheart and the food is amazing! So much food for the price! My husband usually orders pollo saltado but sticks with the lomo here because he says it tastes better. The flan is delicious too! Very smooth consistency. This is a small restaurant  that deserves business ..

Mandy M.yelp_5_star_review

Great customer service. Fun atmosphere with upbeat salsa music. The food was absolutely delicious. I never would have thought to put fries in with rice, onion, tomato, and beef but it came out amazing. Also love the passion fruit juice they have and about to snack on some Peruvian donuts on the drive home. Highly recommend you stop by despite what it looks like from the outside.

Melody J.yelp_5_star_review

Food is AMAZING. Favorite Peruvian food. I recommend the lomo saltado and the ceviche mixto.

Drew C.yelp_5_star_review

Best Peruvian food I’ve ever had in the area! Definitely my go to place. I would recommend the lomo saltado and the ceviche.

Alonzo D.yelp_5_star_review

I ordered the lomo saltado and it was delicious! It’s a fairly large dish consisting of chunks of beef, tomatoes, red onions, and french fries. It was so good that I went back a few days later and ordered a lomo saltado take out. Will be going back many more times!

Crystal M.yelp_5_star_review




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About Us

Here at Aji Limon we hope to always convey taste and love; we always strive to give our guests a dining experience with a delicate blend of fresh ingredients and a positive bonding experience that illustrates the values of family and friendship while keeping the memories of our culture alive.

Hi, my name is Fernando Paz. I am the owner of Aji Limon; a restaurant built on hard work and a dedication to exceptional cuisine and customer service, and the following is our story.

Peru and Aji Limon

Lima, Peru was my birthplace; therefore, it has become the foundation for all the qualities and values that Aji Limon strives to embody. Peru is a beautiful, culturally rich city country that eloquently blends the different facets of the native’s culture and the Eastern immigrants culture into one unique Peruvian identity. Aji Limon aims to reflect this with its variety of dishes which clearly reflects Asian and European inspirations combined with true native ingredients, like aji.

Lima has always been one of the most important cities in The Americas dating back to colonial times and throughout the years it has been a place where the people value hospitality and value the tradition of sharing food as an expression of love and compassion. Eating together was seen as a sacred experience with family and friends where food was a way to create an atmosphere where those strong bonds could be expressed. Here at Aji Limon we hope to replicate this atmosphere by providing true, outstanding Peruvian food along with excellent customer service that truly reflects Peruvian hospitality.

Aji Limon Origins

I was the older one of my brothers raised by a hardworking mother who worked full time. It appeared to me that she worked 24/7, so it was hard for her to cook for us many times. My dad had to play that role some times and cooked for us. That’s when my love for good food grew. As a man, I was exposed to cooking and working hard from a young age. My mother’s incredible driving spirit was the motivation to learn and to work hard.

That was the point when the dream of owning a restaurant was born.

Coming to the US in 1980s as an immigrant meant I had to work extensive hours, so I was sometimes deprived of eating good food. Feeling unsatisfied with the few Peruvian Restaurants at that time and being nostalgic from my family traditions and authentic Peruvian dishes fueled my aspirations to open a restaurant.

One day the idea became concrete. So I told my wife:

“I want to open the best restaurant in LA to bring people from different countries the best of the best from a culinary Peruvian cuisine to their tables. I want to give the best quality and freshness on every plate without empting their packets. I always wanted it and I think I’m ready to take the first step now”

Although she was skeptical, she was willing to giving me the support I needed at that moment.

Aji Limon Present

Aji Limon was born May 2010 after so many obstacles, but there was no doubt that I was starting to live my dream!  Currently, Aji Limon applies innovative ideas to keep the restaurant and the food exciting while perusing the best Peruvian chefs available. (Sometimes I even cook myself!) We desire to make sure every plate really represents the integrity and presentation of Peruvian food. We always take the time to make sure we use the best products available on the market.

Everything is made on that day, fresh and clean; not frozen.

Our specialties?

Lomo Saltado. This dish uses fresh, salted meat cooked with fire leaving a flavorful and delicious taste. The rice, vegetables and French fried offer a complementary mixture of flavors that will offer a unique experience.

The cheviches bring the atmosphere of the Peruvian coast to the plate with fresh fish in a lemon juice. Combined with fresh vegetables and sweet potatoes this is an irresistible dish on a any day!

We want every costumer who visits Aji Limon to not leave without a big smile on their face and with a little taste from the exquisite Peruvian cuisine.

It is our goal to satisfy every single of you with delicious food, a caring atmosphere and to keep the quality and integrity in every single dish without damaging your budget.

Please continue spreading the word to help us grow in quantity and quality!

Choose us to share an unforgettable fine dining experience with friends, family or our friendly staff.

Thank you,


“Amazing service.. Very welcoming and accommodating. The main server is a sweetheart and the food is amazing”

Mandy M.

“One of the best Peruvian Food experience in the Orange County area! Great service nice detail to attention. Great ingredients equal a delicious culinary experience like no other. I actually felt at home (Peru)”

Rickie R.

“I always go grab a bite to eat here when I visit the OC and it never disappoints”

Mary S.